Millennia after 'know yourself' became a maxim, we still struggle to really know the state of our group, our team, our enterprise and ourselves.


How to manage people and keep on top of things in real-time, when reliable insights into stakeholders aren't there when you need them?


Anonymous & Consensual Aggregate Personal Infomatics tailored to meet Organizational Intelligence & Stakeholder Management Needs.


Your people gain Emotional Intelligence. YouMethod—the Ultimate Methodology to cope better with everyone you need to succeed at work.

HR Department / Agency

Companies turn to you for all their HR management needs. But what about your needs? We designed YouMethod with HR in mind: actionable intelligence for you; more value for them.

Get your people signed onto YouMethod, bring them an affordable value-added service and cope better with them and your work. Contact us to request a Webinar spot or private demo.

IT Industry

You appreciate the power of IT to revolutionize how we live & work. Ironically, that revolution is not without its psychological costs, many of which are paid by tech professionals themselves:

  • 50% know of a colleague who died by suicide
  • Over 85% experience or are directly affected by mental illness

Staying ahead of the latest technology creates stress, annxiety & depression. Espresso machine, beanbag chairs & foosball table aside, YouMethod can actually help your people cope better.

Professional, Trade, Labor Association/Union


43.5% believed their job was a key contributor to their poor mental health, according to research from leading independent job board CV-Library


Suicide rate twice that of regular population & 3x higher than that of other white collar workers. #1 killer of dentists is stress-related cardiovascular disease


2016 ABA report shows addiction among lawyers 2.5 to 3.5x higher than national averages; 28% experience depression; junior associates most at-risk


MATES in Construction reports (2016 & 2017) revealed suicide rates for men in the industry is about double the rest of the male working population


UBC found workplace aggression & violence, excessive workloads & lack of organizational mental health supports lead to burnout, anxiety & depression.


Along with nurses, Teachers consistently rank highest for stress of any occupational group at 60% in 2017, up a staggering 15% since a 2014 Gallop poll

In spite of decades of organized solidarity and advocacy, many professions, trades and occupations still struggle with mental wellness.
Time for leadership in mental health support: provide (or lobby for) YouMethod's affordable solution & help your members help themselves.

Academic Institution

Overly sheltered and protected; over-exposed to dehumanizing screen-time, a generation of young people now find themselves unable to cope with the realities of life.

Stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and suicide are at epic proportions in schools. And students know it's not more coddling & counselling they need, but preventative solutions.

Students want more Emotional Intelligence to help them cope better with school, family, work & especially relationships. YouMethod is the most cost-effective EI solution on the market.

NGO & Not-for-Profit Agency

Let's face facts:

  • The need for your services and the demands on your agency are only increasing
  • Funding sources are shrinking or drying-up entirely, with fewer sources to tap into
  • Remaining sources demand greater accountability on an ongoing basis

YouMethod offers a cost-effective solution which helps:

  • Justify your Agency's value by showing Stakeholder outcomes in real-time
  • Your people cope better with pressures they face from staff to providers to volunteers
  • Stakeholders cope better at the prospect of facing a reduction (or loss) of services

Rehab & Retreat Center

Positive Habit-Forming Application

Unlike many websites, YouMethod does more good the more it's used. Especially beneficial for Internet & Social-Media addicts, YouMethod offers a constant mindful distraction.

Automated Long-Term Outpatient Monitoring & Care

YouMethod's automated push technology can send reminders & interventions to users the moment they signal cravings/weakness; keeps track of detours on the road to recovery.

Form Friendships & Support Groups for Life

Visitors to your center must eventually leave physically, but YouMethod lets them stay connected to others they bonded with in a safe & private platform.

Better Client Success & Relapse Intelligence = More Business

Tracking clients long-term in real-time reduces relapses, increase success rates while ensuring any relapses are caught ASAP. Get positive testimonials on-demand in real-time.


All wellness begins with the individual. When we neglect our psychology, daily struggles take their toll—work, relationships, etc. No wonder stress, anxiety, depression et al are on the rise.


Counselling & therapy are not for everyone—nor should they be. Access is limited & expensive. How best to foster & support more prevention, individual resilience & self-reliance?


Support both Prevention & Clinical Intervention with Personal Infomatics for Self Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health Maintenance & Self-Management.


Help others & learn from them with Anonymous & Consensual Sharing. YouMethod—the Ultimate Methodology to cope better with life.

Powerful YouMethod Application Toolkit

Refreshingly quick & easy to use. YouMethod is the epitome of form-follows-function application design. Sign Up & Sign-In to try it for free.


Scan yourself - Mood, State of Mind, Energy Level; Joy/Pain you may be feeling; cravings or aversions you may be having


Record new or recurring stories - experiences and/or impressions which have an impact on you or others


My Acceptance & Peace - review your day & ask: "How okay am I?" The more you Look, the more meaninful your MAP will be


Visualize your life data - what patterns exist in 'The Matrix' of your mind? Analyze & unravel the secrets of your psyche


Reflect on your Hero's Journey - browse stories by date(s), challenges, victories; read/edit details; share your stories


You are not alone - benefit from collective insights from others and share your Log & Loot anonymously with your Group(s)

Our Team

Ali Kermani

Ali is a seasoned IT entrepreneur and software developer with over 25 years experience in relational database applications design. His previous e-learning platform for business became an international success, but not without taking its toll—anxiety and failed marriage. To cope better, Ali turned to the Analogous Ultimate Methodology of Psychology as expressed by Rumi and others, and began a 7-year labor of love developing YouMethod. Today Ali functions normally even through the rare flare-up of anxiety without the need for any medication or counselling.

Sadi Kermani

Sadi runs a successful dental practice in New York City and is a life-long friend of Ali Kermani (no relation). As a Dentist, he became acutely aware of the many stressors on his profession, and turned to the Analogous Ultimate Methodology as expressed by Eckhart Tolle and others to cope better. He became a partner of YouMethod the moment he first heard Ali's ideas for a self-awareness platform and has lead the financial aspects of the venture ever since.

Attila Lewis Lendvai

Attila is a consultant, coach, blogger and author with over 20 years marketing, branding and communications experience with start-ups. While acquiring his MBA in 2002, he was diagnosed with adult-onset epilepsy with related symptoms of Aspergers, bi-polar syndrome & depression. After 5 years of getting nowhere with allopathic healthcare and now suffering from severe depression, Attila turned to the Analogous Ultimate Methodology. Within a short period of time his seizures stopped. After a few years, all symptoms of autism-spectrum disorders subsided. Today, he is seizure-free (regular EEG tests come back normal) and he functions normally—even during the occassional bout with depression—without the need for any medication or other therapy.

Reza Bahmani

Reza is a graphic designer, animator and cartoonist with over 18 years of . He paints and teaches animation at the University. He is our creative director.

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