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Look Inside - Scan yourself and record your Mood, State of Mind and Energy; any Joy/Pain you may be feeling; and any cravings or aversions you may be having.


My Acceptance & Peace - This is your chance to review your day and ask: "How okay am I?" The more often you Look Inside each day, the more meaningful your daily MAP will be.


Tell My Epic - Record new or recurring stories: any experience or impression that matters to you. Enter the gist of the story in the moment; you can add more Details later.


Review your data from Look Inside, MAP and Tell My Epic. What patterns exist in 'The Matrix' of your own mind? Analyze and begin unravelling the secrets of your psyche.


Reflect on your Hero's Journey. Browse stories by date (or date range) or those marked Challenge / Victory. Read/edit story Details and Share your stories.


Hang with Groups - You are not alone. Explore the collective observations and insights of other heroes in your Group(s). Discover the stories behind their Loot.

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