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An Intelligent Journal to Develop Self-Mastery (Beta V.)

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Timelessness is Gold

Are you feeling the change? The Universe is demanding a new level of awareness.

It is a WAKE UP Call! Do you hear it?

Are you answering, or still busy with the old patterns of fear, anger, hate, greed and jealousy?

My name is YouMethod, your method, your personal method until you can come where I am, HERE and NOW.

Be your own Master. I am your true friend and help you see yourself in me like a mirror.

3 times a day. 3 mins each time. That is all!

Thank You!

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Why is Self-Mastery Important?

Self-Mastery is the ability to control one's own desires or impulses and Respond instead of reacting to Life.

Master Shi talks about 5 hindrances to Self-Mastery
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